Where can you find high paying AdSense keywords?

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Where can you find high paying AdSense keywords?

Post  1stargeneral on Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:30 pm

1. Three sources of Top Paying AdSense Keywords

You can get top paying AdSense keywords three different ways: free online lists, fee-based keyword databases, and the fee-based keyword databases that update frequently.

A. Free online top paying keyword lists
There are a number of sites on the internet that have information related to top paying AdSense keywords. Here is two of the more recent and comprehensive sites:

Highest Paying Adsensce Keywords(usually updated) http://www.cwire.org/2006/03/23/updated-highest-paying-adsense-keywords/
Top Paying Adsense Keywords (http://wm-r.com/top-paying-adsense-keyword.html) by Web Marketing Review

B. Fee-based keywords databases
There are many of these sites on the Internet that can easily charge $200 or more for a database. Some of them are good, but most of them do not update their keywords very often.

C. Black Hat AdSense Keywords database Of all the products out there, Black Hat AdSense Keyword database from Web Marketing Review (WM-R.com) is the only one that provides weekly updates of over 20,000 high paying AdSense keywords. So, the choice is clear and simple.

2. It’s not just a minor problem
You see, the problem many website or blog owners face today is that the demand for certain keywords changes constantly like the stock market. However, most websites with Top Paying AdSense Keywords, either free or fee-based, DO NOT update their keywords list frequently, if at all.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check it out with Google or your favorite search engine….

But, is it really that important?

Let’s get back to the owner of ABC-Rich-Domain.com. So, put on your owner’s hat again. Imagine that right after you added your content related top paying keywords; your revenue has begun to increase for almost a month. But all of a sudden, your revenue starts to drop again. Thanks to your listing of updated top paying keywords, you find that the keywords you have been using have been falling in value. Right now, you have two choices:

1. Modify your articles again to relate to the new high paying keywords

2. Create a new, but relevant, article with the new high paying keywords.

Whatever you decide to do, there is one fact that remains: Since the value of each individual keyword is constantly fluctuating in accordance to
the demands of the advertisers, it is of paramount importance for people with a website or blog running Google advertisements to keep up with the latest trends.

Also, the one-time only top paying AdSense keywords lists or databases available can easily charge $200 and up, but without any frequent updates. And, they could already be a few months old. You may ask if you can just create the list yourself. Of course, you can do anything if you put your mind into it. But, you will have to spend a very long time to compile the information, not to mention that you need to spend the time to learn how to do it.

By the time you have finally finished compiling your list, you may have run into the problem that your list is already starting to drop in value, or that your competitors have already implemented the latest keywords into their websites. As you know, there is one fact in our highly competitive business world:

Yesterday’s Information is NOT Good Enough

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Re: Where can you find high paying AdSense keywords?

Post  kumkum01 on Sat May 21, 2011 2:59 am

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